Metro Manila Pride is a volunteer-managed, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering the Filipino LGBTQIA+ and their communities to work towards a future that recognizes and respects the rights of LGBTQIA+ persons to a dignified life without discrimination and prejudice.

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Three young femmes in ornate dresses sit on top of a vehicle decorated with plastic leaves. On the rightmost side, a person with full make up, red lips, and big circle ear rings looks at the camera, with their lips open as if speaking. Their costume is inspired by water, with a blue neckpiece with stones in it looking like waves. Their bra also looks like waves and has pearls hanging off it. Behind them is an umbrella with lime green horizontal stripes. The person in the middle wears a traditional looking costume with many brown and orange beads, holding up a fake bow and arrow. They are looking to the side, also seeming to chant. Their headdress consits of a colorful headband over their forehead and brown beads framing their face. Behind them is a rainbow-colored umbrella. The person to the right is wearing a pink dress, largely hidden by their left forearm and the middle person's bow and arms. They are shouting to the crowd, while holding a bright pink decorative ornament with light pink roses around it. Behind them, a rainbow flag waves.
Image: A wide shot of the front of a parade. A Pride March marshal raises a rainbow flag, followed by a large crowd holding a tarpaulin that reads 'RESIST TOGETHER'.


Our programs have been created to help support the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community through programs that uplift, engage and inspire—from the annual Pride March to crafting educational resources and supporting independent artists.

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Image: Three people raising their left fists to the air. In the foreground, a wheelchair user wearing a raincoat smiles and looks to the camera. They hold a placard that says 'LGBT+ RESISTING TYRANNY & IMPERIALISM' and 'GABRIELA YOUTH-UPD' under it. Behind them to the right, a person wearing a black dress is looking to the camera and holding up a placard that says 'KARAPATAN SA PANINIRAHAN IPAGLAVAN!' and 'SAVE SAN ROQUE' under it. To their left, a person wearing a yellow shirt is smiling widely and holding another placard and a black umbrella in their right hand.

Annual Pride March and Festival

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Image: A close-up photo of a lecturer standing in front of a crowd, holding a microphone while speaking.

Human Rights Education and Research

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Image description: The inside of the theater room for the Himagsining event in 2019. Attendees are seated down smiling, laughing, and raising their hands. At the top of the room, an overhead projector hangs over the attendees.

Arts, Culture, and Expression


These resources have been developed for LGBTQIA+ groups, educators, and independent learners to help guide discussions on organizing and issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines.

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Image: Six people are in the middle of a conversation. They are seated on a floor, with a flat sheet of manila paper in between them.

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Metro Manila Pride is 100% volunteer-run. Your support helps our organization run programs committed to helping the Filipino LGBTQIA+. Support us by donating to the organization or signing up to volunteer to make things happen.

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