About the Campaign

Year after year, Metro Manila Pride has created growing safe spaces that enable, empower, and move individuals to participate in creating positive impacts on the LGBTQ+ community. All of this, because we love; simply because we have committed ourselves to be here for each other.


At this year’s Pride March and Festival, we will fill the largest safe space in the country with all those who have lent their voices, their lives to this campaign for equality—LGBTQ+ people and their non-LGBTQ+ friends, family, and allies. After all, Pride is all about love–and this year, we bring this love further by being HERE TOGETHER.


For our non-LGBTQ+ allies, those who love us, those who steadfastly support us, those who accept us and stand by us, we say it prouder: We are HERE TOGETHER.


For those who are able to fight in the open, those who live and love freely, those who wave their flags fearlessly, we say it loudly: We are HERE TOGETHER.


For those of us who are searching; for those who need someone. For those who are shunned; for those lacking support, we say it with unwavering conviction: We are HERE TOGETHER.


For those who march with us and for those who cannot. For those who came before us and for those yet to come.  We are here for you. We are here for each other. We are HERE TOGETHER.


For family, for friends, for strangers.  We love. We are here for love, and to make it known.


For safe spaces, for love, for rights, and for Pride. We are HERE TOGETHER.

About the Art

The art and key visuals for “Here Together: The 2017 Metro Manila Pride March and Festival” is a collaboration between Chia Amisola and Mikey Quijano.