Sulong! 'Wag Patinag!

The 2020 Annual Metro Manila Pride March and Festival

27 June Tuloy ang laban para sa pantay na karapatan! #SulongWagPatinag











MF Community Events

Various events that revolved around the 2020 Pride March and Festival.

Community Meetings (February 2 and May 23)
Updates and planning workshops with the community on the Pride March and Festival.

Share Ko Lang Sabado (Saturdays of April and May)
Keeping in touch with the community online via the hashtag #SKLSabado on Twitter.

Sulong Sining (June 21)
An online gig celebrating LGBTQIA+ art and activism, hosted on Facebook.

Watch Sulong Sining

Wiiz Night (June 24)
A live quiz show held over at Zoom.

How-To Huwebes (Thursdays of June)
A series of learning sessions and community gatherings on Metro Manila Pride’s Instagram account via Live and IGTV.

Sulong Tulong (November to December)
#SulongTulong is a fundraiser to support the tireless relief efforts of several organizations working to rescue, feed, clothe, and assist the victims of Typhoons Rolly and Ulysees. Total funds raised amounted to PHP 58,642.56, equally distributed to Bahaghari, Katribu, Hand and Heart, Metropolitan Christian Church Marikina, and The Pawssion Project.

Pride Speaks

Educational discussions spaces during the March and Festival Season. #PrideSpeaks

Image: A poster in red with a frayed black and white photo of a Duterte effigy with sharp teeth. The poster reads

01: Ang Banta ng Anti-Terrorism Bill (June 6)
What are the impacts of the bill on human rights defenders and the LGBTQIA+ community? What can we do to help #JunkTerrorBill? With speakers from Rainbow Rights Philippines and Commission on Human Rights.

View Facebook video for Pride Speaks 01View Twitter live thread for Pride Speaks 01

02: Tuloy ang Laban Para Sa SOGIE Equality (June 27)
Pag-uusapan natin ang sitwasyon ng LGBTQIA+ rights sa Pilipinas at kung bakit may matinding pangangailangang ipasa ang SOGIE Equality Bill. With speakers from Lagablab Network and Metropolitan Community Church Marikina.

View Facebook video for Pride Speaks 02View Twitter live thread for Pride Speaks 02

Discussion groups

Opportunities for the community to gather while serving as an educational discussion space, the Discussion Groups are also supplemented by guided discussions on social media tied to topics covered by the panels. These activities can be followed on Twitter under the hashtag #MMPHangOuts.

Image description: A green poster with empty school chairs in the background. On top of the poster, logos of Metro Manila Pride, Voice Global, and the 2021 Pride March and Festival are displayed. In the foreground, the following text is displayed: Question 1: What is it like being an LGBTQIA+ student in your school? What kinds of discrimination have LGBTQIA+ students faced in your school? How have teachers and other authority figures responded to these experiences?

School’s Out: Forming LGBTQIA+ Groups in Schools (September 19)
A panel discussion on the experiences and challenges of being LGBTQIA+ students in the Philippines and strategies for student organizing, held over Zoom. With speakers from University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Babaylan, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Kasarianlan for National LGBTQI+ Student Network, Bahaghari University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio, and Ateneo Senior High School Lakambini.

Queer Creators on Media Representation (October 31)
A panel discussion on the progress and challenges of queer representation in the Philippine media, held over Zoom. Joined by poet and screenwriter Juan Miguel Severo, filmmaker Sam Lee, professor and film critic Richard Bolisay, and professor and author Det Neri.

Buhay ng Trans at Non-binary sa Pilipinas (November 28)
A panel discussion between trans and non-binary persons about trans lives and rights, held over Zoom. With speakers from Bahaghari UP Baguio, Pinoy Deaf Rainbow, TEAM Cebu, and PANTAY Pilipinas.

Other Activities

Other involvements of Metro Manila Pride where we were speakers or facilitators.

A poster of Manila Community Radio's schedule for November 11, 2020, featuring Metro Manila Pride at 18:00 - 19:00.

TransGenre with Manila Community Radio (November 20)
A one-off radio special for Transgender Day of Remembrance. MMPride spoke to three trans folks about the media that helped them see themselves and the issues that affect the community today through the lens of film, music, and writing that trans folks have connected to. Joined by Isabel Sandoval, Slac Cayamanda, and Zoë de Ocampo.

Listen to TransGenre

Resource speaker engagements
MMPride has been invited to various events as speaker or participant.

  • Workshop with UP AdCore (February 1)
  • Interviewed for The Asia Foundation (February 17)
  • Speaker at St. Paul College Pasig for the Tanglawan HUMMS Congress (February 19)
  • Speaker at UP ABM Week GST (February 22)
  • Reactor for the Bahaghari educational discussion on The Roots of Oppression (June 18)
  • Speaker for Istorya ng Pag-asa Radio Program (Office of the VP) (June 28)
  • Speaker at a SOGIESC workshop for the Gaya Sa Pelikula crew (August 4)
  • Speaker at the Filipino Freethinkers: #FeministsFridays Workshop (September 11)
  • Interviewed about Queer baiting and its connection to Media Texts (October 16)
  • Speaker at APF side event on The Human Rights of LGBTIQ persons in ASEAN (November 5)
  • Speaker at Voice Philippines and Kenya joint webinar on Building Online Communities (November 6)
  • Speaker at LGBTng Makabayan, Kaagapay sa Sakuna fundraising event (November 29)

Support Pride

Metro Manila Pride is 100% volunteer-run. Your support helps our organization run programs committed to helping the Filipino LGBTQIA+. Support us by donating to the organization or signing up to volunteer to make things happen.