Content warning: Descriptions of anti-trans violence

Barely a week after her birthday, Tatiana “Tats” Tumicad was found dead this morning in Brgy. Naguilian Sur, Ilagan City, Isabela. According to a media report quoting the chief of PNP Ilagan City’s Investigation Division, Tats was last seen with friends before she left to go somewhere and never returned.

Upon examination of the body, the Isabela Provincial Forensic Unit found “mortal wounds,” with head trauma believed to be the cause of death. Tats’ family has posted a call for potential witnesses to cooperate with state authorities as they seek justice for her death.

Friends have issued a call for donations to support her family.

Donations are being coursed through one of Tats’ cousins, Cherylyn Catalonia, via Gcash at 09564679537.
From 2008 to September 2020, there have been more than 50 reported killings of transgender people in the Philippines – a number that continues to rise as legislation seeking to protect the LGBTQIA+ community languishes in the halls of Congress. The absence of justice for these violent killings, and the lack of urgency in addressing crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community, sets a very dangerous precedent for our community. Our calls for action seem to be ignored, despite continued killings, especially of our transgender kin.

As the most marginalized among us continue to endure oppression and abuse, we urge all sectors to come together to seek justice. There can be no true freedom, and no true Pride for as long as our existence continues to be threatened with violence and death.


Metro Manila Pride
11 June 2021

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