The Annual Pride March and Festival

Starting 2016, we have since organized the Metro Manila Pride marches as Metro Manila Pride and expanded our reach to year-long programs focused on cultural work, human rights education and policy advocacy.

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Image description: A crowd of people from the 2019 Pride March and Festival. In the center, there is a smiling person raising a placard that says 'WE ARE FAMILY' in pink block text. Various queer couples waving rainbow flags around the text. To their right, a person is raising a placard that says '#RESIST TOGETHER' with a rainbow background. On the left side, another person is holding up a placard that says 'LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights' in block rainbow text and a sky background.
Image: The inside of a room full of attendees from the round table discussion 'How did Pride resistance in the Philippines start?' in 2019. Tables are arranged in a closed rectangle, occupied by LGBTQIA+ activists from various organizations, talking about the history of Pride in the Philippines.

Human Rights Education and Research

Our educational programs create spaces, platforms, and materials that make human rights education accessible to all individuals, groups and communities.

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Arts, Culture, and Expression

We organize events promoting literature, visual art, films, music, and performances made for and by the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community. Our ACE programs include the Queer Arts Festival and the HUBAD Monologues.

Image description: The inside of the theater room for the Himagsining event in 2019. Attendees are seated down smiling, laughing, and raising their hands. At the top of the room, an overhead projector hangs over the attendees.

Support Pride

Metro Manila Pride is 100% volunteer-run. Your support helps our organization run programs committed to helping the Filipino LGBTQIA+. Support us by donating to the organization or signing up to volunteer to make things happen.